Advertisement image for the "Näkterbaren" performance. Written in text resembling neon tubes "Näkterbaren" and underneath in large neon letters "A karaoke comedy." On the left side, within a neon circle, there is an outline of a bird. Outside the circle is a neon-colored musical note, appearing to emanate as a song from the bird's mouth.


– a karaoke comedy

In a small city by the sea, somewhere in Swedish Finland, lies Näkterbaren, a fairly ordinary karaoke bar. Some come here to work, some to toast and boast, and some to dream. We all long for something. In Näkterbaren, we can find both ourselves and each other. Come on in! Näkterbaren is DuvTeatern’s first comedy, and it is built on the characters created by the actors. The performance is directed by Christoffer Strandberg.


Trailer: Jonatan Sundström


Performers: Krister Ekebom, Roy Eriksson, Kim Gustafsson, Karolina Karanen, Ida-Lotta Knuuttila, Martina Roos och Elias Simons.
Director: Christoffer Strandberg
Text: DuvTeaterns' ensemble
Scenography & light design: Joonas Tikkanen
Sound design: Andreas ‘Stanley’ Lönnquist 
Costume design: Maria Rosenqvist
Hair and makeup design: Maria Karhu
Production: DuvTeatern (Annina Blom, Helena Laxén, Sanna Huldén)
Rehearsal and performance assistance: Helena Laxén
Artistic assistance: Sanna Huldén
Graphic design: Susanna Raunio


DuvTeatern actress Karolina Karanen, portraying a porter, stands in the foreground with her arms stretched out to the sides and reaching towards the ceiling, clad in a large denim jacket. Behind her, six characters in various costumes including a wedding veil, construction helmet, wigs, and hats. In the background, there is a reflection of hearts.

Photo: Yoshi Omori




The performance premiered on 26 Nov. 2022 in DuvTeatern’s studio in central Helsinki, along with DuvTeatern’s theatre performance Näkterbaren. 


Language: Swedish

Running time: 1hr

Recommended for an audience over the age of 13.

Financers of the projects


Otto A. Malm Donationsfond
Svenska kulturfonden
William Thurings stiftelse 
Stiftelsen Emilie och Rudolf Gesellius fond 
Waldemar von Frenckells stiftelse 
Oskar Öflunds stiftelse sr
Stiftelsen Tre Smeder
Niilo Helanders stiftelse
Helsingfors stad 
Centret för konstfrämjande
Helsingfors Svenska Bostadsstiftelse
Elfvings stiftelse 



The logo of the Svenska Kulturfonden. The words 'Svenska’ and ‘kulturfonden' are arranged on top of each other, and to the left of the words there’s a graphic image inside a circle.     Konstsamfundet logo. The word Konstsamfundet is simply written in bold and italic font. Logo of Helsingfors stad. Around the text 'Helsingfors stad' there is a black border shaped like a coat of arms.           

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The logo of Arts Promotion Centre Finland. On the left side of the logo, there are three circular symbols: a spiral, an arrow pointing to the right, and a black sun. Following the symbols, the name of the center is written in three languages stacked on top of each other: Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Centret för konstfrämjande, and Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Otto A. Malm Donationsfond logo. The base of the logo is light blue, with white silhouettes of sails on top. Below, in large white letters, reads 'Otto A. Malm', and beneath this 'donationsfond'.      SFV's logo. 'SFV' is written diagonally downwards to the right in large white letters on a black circular background, which is emphasized by a black circular border. Below, in large letters, reads 'Svenska Folkskolans Vänner'.