Livsfarligt på allvar!

– a hard-to-interpret murder mystery


The performance Livsfarligt på allvar! is dangerous. Seriously.

Two siblings have recently lost their parents and now it’s time to open the will. This quickly degenerates into a mindless tangle of misunderstandings and confusion, and before we know it, we find ourselves in the middle of a murder mystery.

Yes, you read that right. A murder mystery.

The clock is ticking and the suspense is building. Who is the culprit? What is the real truth? Whose interpretation should we believe? And what will it take for us to understand each other? Nothing is what it seems to be and soon – very soon – it’s too late to go back…

Dear audience, hold onto your hats and don’t forget to breathe. It’s only theatre after all. But dangerous theatre. Seriously!

The newly written play Livsfarligt på allvar! is a collaboration between DuvTeatern, Uniarts Helsinki's Theatre Academy, Acting in Swedish (TeaK) and Svenska Teatern. The performance explores creative accessibility and how sign language, audio description and accessible language can be integrated into the artistic entirety. Creative accessibility has been researched within the framework of DuvTeatern’s project TIKSI – Accessibility as an artistic strategy and inspiration.

Premiere on 10 October at Svenska Teatern’s AMOS stage.


10 October 2024 


10 October 2024 – 23 November 2024


Svenska Teatern, AMOS stage


Tickets can be purchased at Svenska Teatern’s box office.

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Box office opening times
Tuesday–Friday, 1–3 pm and 4–6 pm

Address: Pohjoisesplanadi 2, Helsinki
Phone: 09 6162 1411

The performance is recommended for people over 12 years

The performance is mainly in spoken Swedish. It also includes Finnish and Finland-Swedish Sign Languages. The performance aims to integrate audio description into the script and sound world and to have an accessible stage language.

About the performance in Finland-Swedish Sign Language


Do you want to know more about the performance?

The performance period also includes pre-performance introductions and post-performance discussions. 

The discussions are free of charge and require no separate registration.

  • Introduction and discussion in Swedish on Wednesday, 30 October, with Finland-Swedish Sign Language interpretation.

  • Introduction and discussion in Swedish on Tuesday, 12 November, with Finland-Swedish Sign Language interpretation.

  • Introduction in Finnish on Thursday, 14 November, with Finnish Sign Language interpretation.

A group of 14 people in black clothes. They stand or sit in various positions. Someone looks happy, someone looks surprised, someone looks suspicious and someone looks terrified. Everyone looks straight into the camera. The photo has been edited to include bright pink illustrations. Everyone has pink illustrated clothes or other details, such as hats, glasses, sunglasses or pipes. Behind the people are graphic elements and figures, such as a skeleton, a dog and a big clock.Photo: Stefan Bremer Ilustrations: Meri Craig

On stage

Vega Adsten (TeaK), Silva Belghiti, Josef Donner (TeaK), Krister Ekebom, Roy Eriksson, Marina Haglund, Yvonne Heins, Ellen Hoang, Karolina Karanen, Ida-Lotta Knuuttila, Niko Nordström (TeaK), Bella Paasimäki (TeaK), Tanya Palmgren, Sara Sandén, Elias Simons, Willjam Tigerstedt (TeaK)

Idea and text: Working group
Director and dramaturg: Mikaela Hasán
Artistic assistant: Sanna Huldén
Production dramaturg: Nina-Maria Häggblom
Set, video and lighting designer: Milla Martikainen
Set and video assistant: Tiina Pietiläinen (Uniarts Helsinki's Theatre Academy, Design for the Performing Arts programme)
Costume designer: Meri Craig (Aalto University, Costume Design programme)
Hair and make-up: Maria Karhu
Sound designer: Kristian Ekholm
Lighting designer: Tom Laurmaa
Stage master: Jesper Karlsson
Stage manager: Christoffer Österlund
Props manager: Anne Mustarastas
Drama pedagogue: Noona Leppinen
Rehearsal improvisator: Christoffer Strandberg
Rehearsal, stage and backstage assistants: Sara Sandén, Sara Haapalahti, Iiris Autio, Linnea Sundblom
Accessibility consultants: Riikka Hänninen, Silva Belghiti, Ellen Hoang, Ragnar Bengtström
Producers: Marie “Mojo” Finne, Annina Blom (DuvTeatern), Maria Kaihovirta (TeaK), Taru Kirves (Svenska Teatern)
Other production, planning and collaboration: Sara Sandén, Sanna Huldén, Mikaela Hasán (DuvTeatern), Aune Kallinen, Ann-Charlotte Karlsson, Tanja Ajaste, Heli Konka, Kati Autere, Maria-Johanna ”Joze” Peura, Anna Rouhu (TeaK), Joachim Thibblin, Maria Lundström, Kristofer Möller, Andreas Lönnquist, Anton Lindblom, Emma Mether, Janne Renvall, Elli Mäkilä, Ellen Ödahl-Grönroos, David Lindström, Chribbe Aarnio (Svenska Teatern)
Researcher: Riikka Papunen (TIKSI project)

The personnel at Svenska Teatern