Krister's workshop

Exhibition at Luckan 2 - 30.11.2023


Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Opening Thursday 2 November 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. 
Luckan, Yrjönkatu 27, Helsinki

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DuvTeatern actor Krister Ekebom wears a top hat, gazing towards his miniature airplane crafted from perforated steel banding.

Welcome to Krister Ekebom’s workshop!

Krister Ekebom (b. 1965) is an actor at DuvTeatern, a craftsman and an artist. The exhibition Krister’s Workshop introduces you to the multi-artist and a selection of his work.

Krister has been creating miniature models since his teens, mainly of cars and other vehicles. His interest in cars began as a child when he followed his father’s work as a car mechanic near Hietalahti Square in Helsinki. Among the works in the exhibition are also hand puppets and hats that testify to Krister’s great interest in theatre.

Krister makes models both in his spare time at home in Kauniainen and at his work at the Treklangen work activity centre. He likes to work with different materials – wood, cardboard, fabric, sheet metal and perforated steel banding. At the moment he prefers to create in cardboard.

Some of the works have previously been exhibited in smaller contexts, but with the exhibition at Luckan, a wider audience will finally have the opportunity to experience his work.

Krister’s Workshop is created in collaboration with DuvTeatern and scenographer Johanna Latvala.


Cardboard miniature of the RMS Titanic. The ship is painted in white, black, red and lilac.RMS Titanic. Photo Paula Lehtonen.


Miniature of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The model is crafted from wood with metallic details.
Harley Davidson. Photo Paula Lehtonen.
Cardboard miniature of an old Helsinki tram. The tram is painted in dark green with black and yellow detailing.
Photo Paula Lehtonen.